About Me

I like to do stuff.

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I created this to give myself the ability to create for anyone to see. Mostly to have a location that I can put stuff out there. I enjoy doing all sorts of stuff, from writing short poems, haikus, and some programming. I create overly complicated Excel workbooks, write custom AutoCAD lisp routines, play some Minecraft or Monster Hunter, and create small projects with a Raspberry Pi. I love math and statistics, pretty much if it has to do with numbers I want to know about it. I can play a plethora of instruments ranging from the radio to tuba. I own a cell phone and tablet repair business and work for an electrical engineering consulting firm. I am always interested in anything new. I want to create an area people can go and get away, give them to possibility to read something interesting, informative, or funny, and even give them the opportunity to provide me with ideas for projects or even assist them with their project.

I am not a professional writer or even a trained writer. My grammar and spelling is not the best, I don’t know most of the rules for writing, but I am up for the challenge and looking forward to growing with this blog.

I am married, and been married since 2007, I have two adorable little girls. My wife puts up with me and my vast obsessions hobbies even as the number grows even larger and takes up more space in our home.

You never know what is going to be posted on this blog. One day it can be poems, another day could be a program that I was working on. Maybe even a statistic that I have discovered that is strange or odd, for example 100% of people who have died had an oxygenated blood stream at some point. A math problem that I thought was interesting, a phone repair that was out of the normal screen replacement.

You don’t have to like my posts, agree with them, disagree with them, read them, or even ignore them. That is our choice as humans. I just want people to say, “Hey you know that Levi Wooten guy, he’s is an odd duck. I’m going to go to his blog and see what he has posted today.” First off you know that you have to be odd to be number one.

If I can trigger one emotion out of you coming to my blog, I have succeeded. If I made you laugh, cry, feel more informed, made your eyes roll across the floor, I have done my job. I don’t want to offend anyone but its 2019, it’s going to happen. Here’s to a long future with you.